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Segmentation & Niche

I had a few more thoughts on segmentation. Please note that you are looking at it from a repeatable process as it must be scalable … it has to be done on mass as you can’t do a custom job every time unless you are working for the wealthy. You have to come up with a program that works consistently for a large group of people. Package it and go and tell ten thousand people.

At the same time, you have to get out of your head and stop being a salesperson and start setting the time aside to think about and lead your business.

You know what they say, old salespersons never die, they just go out of commission.

So back to client segmentation and said another way than what I said last week;

1. There is a list of them (you can find them);
2. They have a problem that they WANT to solve;
3. You have the solution;
4. They have the money to pay for the solution;
5. You trust, respect and like them;

Again, this what I said last week;

Who in you client list meets this criteria;

• What are your one or two most profitable products? What is your area of specialty? Who fits into this category? It is OK if you happen to serve them with other product needs. Build a practice to have an associate service the “other” products. The key point is you have chosen to focus on one or two products at the most.
• Who are the clients that give you all or most of your business? The client trusts you and you are looking after all or a substantial amount of the client’s business
• Who are the clients that you most enjoy? Do you enjoy doing business with the client and does the client enjoy doing business with you? Do you look forward to meeting with and doing business with the client?
• Do these clients have a strong business or family network and would they refer you to their friends and associates?
• What marketing niches do these clients have in common? Doctors, engineers, IT professionals … people with money is not a niche, it is a demographic. The key point is this is your marketing niche. It does not mean that you can’t service clients that are not in other marketing niches. The point is to remember is that when you are segmenting clients, be aware of the niche that they might fit in.

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