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Schlepping & Gagging & Serving

( Back in Beautiful Comox, BC, 6pm PST, Wednesday, August 22, 2007 – The camera phone appears to do be doing the job! )

It’s 3:25pm EDT on Wednesday, August 22, 2007 and I am 1.5 hours into a 4 – 5 hour Air Canada Flight from Toronto, ON to Vancouver BC. I’ll arrive in Vancouver at 4pm PST and then catch at 5pm flight to Comox, BC.

I woke up on Wednesday morning and did my 5:30am meditation to clear my energy …

Drip, Drip, Drip, DriP, DrIP, DRIP, DRIP, DRIP … went the leaking toilet …

I cleared me energy and the leaking toilet and my meditation was to insure that I was in the state of providing value and service to the Pro-Seminars audience.

For fun, here are the sorts of details that test one’s state that could get in the way of one’s speaking energy and focus.

The Hotel in London, ON was pretty close to being my worst hotel experience in a while. Not to dwell on it, given that it “was” interfering with my meditation I may as well give you the details.

I arrived at the hotel at about 10:30pm on Tuesday night. I schlepped my 4 bags from the cab and the front of the hotel, through the double doors, now in plain view of the receptionist, dropping my bags just inside the door. Carrying them two at a time to the front desk, as I dropped the first two bags in front of the desk, still no eye contact or greeting from the receptionist I thought as I now have all four bags at the counter. Standing there, the receptionist finally gets round to looking up with “a face like a slapped ass” as my British friend Chris Barrow would say, the receptionist says, “can I help you”. Being as friendly and pleasant as I possible can, I announce my reservation and complete the registration process. The hotel in London doesn’t feature an elevator to where the non-smoking rooms are. God only knows what the smoking rooms smell like as I am gagging and lugging the first two bags to my room and you guessed it, the keys to the room do not work. It’s now about 11pm and I’ve been going since 5am and I let out a curse or two and it felt good … I didn’t let it go too far though as I lugged my bags back down as they would be gone if I left them at the door. You are probably thinking “what is his Karma?” which is exactly what I was thinking as I gagged my way through the corridor where the carpets hadn’t been cleaned since the previous hotel that they were installed in before the hotel was condemned. “What is the message in this” I thought. “Get Your Book Finished” came through loud and clear! As graciously as I could, I explained that the keys didn’t work and schlepped my bags once again gagging through the corridor … and thinking it is good that I do a lot of rigorous cardio on my bike as I would be dead if I was out of shape. Maybe that is why the place smells so bad? So we (me and my ego) get in the room and the light bulb is out on the desk lamp, there is a dirty towel at the entry door and the toilet will not flush. So I took the lid off the toilet tank and jiggered the mechanism and got it to flush. A OK. I suppose the last occupant did there own jiggering with the toilet … Drip, Drip, Drip, DriP, DrIP, DRIP, DRIP, DRIP.

I meditated and fell asleep.

Back to the next morning …

“Bring your notes for the second presentation” was whispered as I went about getting ready to go down for breakfast.

This Removing Your Blocks Power Point Presentation and I surprised both Alex Nicholson of Pro-Seminars and myself in that I completed the presentation in 50 minutes which was my goal the morning before in Toronto where I took a full 60 minutes. I did feel a little rusty the day before being my first gig in 2 months and the second time out on Wednesday really flowed.

I am happy with the timing and delivery of the new presentation.

“Can you go again? My 9am speaker did not show up” questioned Alex and I exclaimed “absolutely” thinking in the back of my mind about the “Bring your notes for the second presentation” as I scribbled out the points for the second presentation.

What is funny is the audience liked the second presentation better … real time, uncut, straight from the hip and straight from the heart.

One of the outcomes of this trip was to do a dry run of the New Power Point Presentation in advance of Pro-Seminars Las Vegas in front of 400 Financial Advisors.

So what to do? Power Point or real time, uncut, straight from the hip and straight from the heart?

My practice of serving others to show them how to Remove Their Roadblocks was fulfilled. I am at peace.