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Saturday Airport Afternoon


It’s 2pm EST and I am at the gate at the Ottawa airport waiting for my 4:30pm flight to Hamilton, ON where a car will meet me at the airport to take me to Kitchener, ON where I will lay over Sunday, work with my clients on the phone on Monday and speak at Pro-Seminars on Tuesday morning and then it is on to Winnipeg, MB to speak on Wednesday and then fly home.

Today’s 2 ½ hour workshop presentation of Removing Your Roadblocks To Success for The Cumis Group went very well. Having done hundreds of presentations this should be no surprise and given that this was a custom presentation it was important to get the timing right.

Many thanks to The Cumis Group for all of their help and for their hospitality to make everyone’s stay at the Hilton Lac-Leamy, Gatineau, QU an outstanding experience.

I had a little difficulty getting to sleep on Friday night given that my body is still on Pacific Time so I invested some time to finally get back into my book. Given that I have not touched the book since the end of August, getting reacquainted to the book came really slow at first but I eventually got back in the groove. I am in the final stages of matching up all the articles that I have written to the Removing Your Roadblocks Power Point which has been type set.

Following Stephen Pressfield’s lead, author of The Legend Of Bagger Vance, I’m vowing to do some work on the book every single day from now on, even it is just a ½ an hour. The way this will happen is as I am the finishing the work on the book on any given day, I will write down what the next step is so that I a reminded of what to do the very next day. It is easy to get lost in a project this size.

I am going to use the afternoon airport time and Sunday’s lay over in Kitchener, ON to complete matching my articles to my Power Point presentation.

* * *

It’s 3pm EDT and I am an hour into the work on the book and an idea just came to me …

Note to Laura & Simon,

We have been walking around with the notion that in order to attract larger scale national association and corporate speaking presentation we have been carrying the limiting belief that “we need a book to attract or qualify for larger scale national association and corporate speaking presentations”.

I was sharing our speaking marketing plan with an attendee of The Pro-Seminars National Conference in Las Vegas and the attendee said; “You don’t need a book to speak at larger scale national association and corporate speaking presentations! Your speaking resume speaks for itself!”

Given that the draft graphics will be available for our book cover next week, we need to look ahead and add our book cover graphics to our speaking marketing material.

Adding in some Tony Robbinisms; Fake it till you make! Act as if! Go until! There is always a way! It is time to Remove The Roadblocks To Our Own Success!

You might ask, what are you doing creating the book cover and graphics when the book isn’t even finished?

It is about Vision and I am a visual person and I inspire myself this way being able to see the look of the finished product.

* * *


It’s 3:30pm EDT and I’m all by myself at the gate waiting for the flight to Hamilton and I am plugging away on my book I am reflecting that …

While my Dysfunctional Ego Mind could be doing a BMW … Bitching, Moaning and Whining about being on the road on the weekend and doing two more speaking presentations next week and for those of you that know my work I am Clearing that …

Forgive me for forgetting that every time I do a speaking presentation I have the opportunity to verbalize and give voice to my book and that the compounded number of speaking presentations moves towards the continued refinement of my message!

So would BMWing about being stuck in an airport on Saturday afternoon … I’m enjoying the peace, quite and solitude and getting loads of work done on my book.

You might be wondering if this Blog is getting so long that it is turning into a Book? Hmmmm. You never know.

* * *

It’s 7:15pm and I am in what tuned out to be a stretch limousine versus a town car. Outrageous you say. Not really. By the time I take the time to rent a car, add the extra charges for insurance, pay for the gas and have it sit for Sunday and Monday, return it on Tuesday, I am further ahead by renting a car and driver and I am door to door and I don’t have to stress myself driving on strange roads having no clue where I am going on a Saturday night.

Plus … you guessed it; I get to work on my Book and take a break from my work on the Book while I write this Blog. See you later … I have to get back to my mood lighting in the limo.