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Sales mysteries

Two experiences with sales people.

The first one was when Laura and I went to a window blind store with their store ad from the daily paper advertising window blind models at a discount. The salesperson had not seen the ad and was not familiar with the model numbers in the ad. It was one of those times when I had to look at the catalogue and figure the quote out for myself. Not the best experience.

Next, for fun we went to an auto dealership. I wanted to find out if a particular SUV had switch able 4 wheel drive which is different than the SUV that I currently have which has all wheel drive. I expect to be doing more winter driving next year and I want to plan ahead.

We were approached by a salesperson that was courteous and a bit too ambitious. I advised the salesperson I was shopping for next year and wanted to know if a particular SUV had 4 wheel drive versus All wheel drive. It did not.

We then got to talking about another model that did – of course.

We sat down in the salesperson’s office and the salesperson commenced to look for the 4 wheel drive, a V-8, 7 passenger seating with an 8 way power drivers seat on his computer to see what models were coming in.

The salesperson then showed me a brochure that showed all the options that I would be missing if I bought the cheaper V-6, 5 passenger without the 8 way power seat.

I guess the salesperson had not studied his product. I examined the brochure and discovered that in fact the V-6, 5 passenger had optional 8 way power seats and all the options that I may want.