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Running Back To Saskatoon On Sunday

I’m back to the land of the living and just weaning off the yogurt and chicken soup as my appetite returns. This would be a good time to remember the adage “don’t eat a meal that is any bigger than your fist” as the bright side is my tailor and waste line are both thankful. For this trip, I’ll have to pay even more attention to what crosses my lips and I’ve armed myself with a few potions from my local naturopath to ward off the evil stomach bugs.

The irony is that after 10 days with the gastro intestinal flue from some sort of a bug from my last road trip to Kitchener & Toronto, ON, I am no sooner better than I find myself right back where the flue bug started back in the airport to fly to Saskatoon, SK and Edmonton, AB for Financial Advisor Public Speaking Presentations for Pro-Seminars on Tuesday, March 20th and Wednesday, March 21st respectively.

I’ll have to get my game face on for the speaking as I am still in a fog. This will give me something to do to pass the time on the flights.

Here is the weather forecast … it looks like it is going to be cold;

Sunday – Saskatoon, SK

• High -1C
• Low -10C

Monday – Saskatoon, SK

• High -9C
• Low -17C

Tuesday – Saskatoon, SK

• High 5C
• Low -6

Wednesday – Edmonton, AB

• High 4C
• Low -4C

Thursday – Comox, BC

• High 9C
• Low 5C

In case you missed the 70’s, “Running Back to Saskatoon” was a top ten hit by the chart topping “The Guess Who”.