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Rocky Raccoon

Well here is story of Blog dribble if I ever heard one.

I walked out of the front door of my building at 7am yesterday and a wounded raccoon walking on 3 legs crosses my path. The raccoon, being followed by about 3 squawking and swooping crows continues on and jumps into the bushes on the other side of the garden.

I’m thinking I wished I had my cell and I would call the SPCA and I will call as soon as soon as I get back from going to Starbucks. Priorities you know!

Just then, a police cruiser drives past and I yell. I approach the two rather stern looking officers and say “this is going to be your toughest call of the day”.

I asked them if they could call the SPCA. I told tem about “Rocky”. They smiled and said sure. In fact they welcomed the opportunity to help as it was a far cry from the regular things that they have to deal with.

So they pulled up and got out of the car.

I walked with them to where I had last seen the raccoon go into the bushes. I talked with them wondering if it was still there. I looked up and sure enough, the crows where perched right above us at the top of the building awaiting poor “Rocky Raccoon”.

I noticed one of the officers had an English accent. I said what part of England are you from. He said Scunthorpe. I said no kidding, I was born there.

Just then “Rocky Raccoon” walked out of the bushes. I left “Rocky” in the good hands of the officers. I wished the officers a good day. They thanked me for being a Good Samaritan and brightening their day.

And on another note, my 85 year old mother is going into hospital today for some routine tests and I am sure that all is well.

She will enjoy reading this storey when I give her a copy of it when I see her on Saturday.