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Ringing In My Head

It’s Sunday morning, September 30th at 10am and I’m in my hotel room in Kitchener, ON. As I am working on my book I have church bells ringing in my head, and the words of Howard Roark played by Gary Cooper from The Fountainhead are also ringing in my head and my own words of glee are ringing in my head that the speaking that I do is giving me the opportunity to verbalize my book.

This is all ringing true as I continue to match up all the articles that I have written to the script of the Removing Your Roadblocks Power Point presentation which has been type set.

Last night as I settled into my room at 8pm, I was pleasantly surprised when I turned on the TV and The Fountainhead movie was just starting.

“I don’t have clients in order to build, I build in order to have clients” – Howard Roark played by Gary Cooper.

This means to me that Roark designed buildings to enjoy his creative process with a view of sharing his value and if it did or didn’t please the masses, then that was OK with him. This was rather than getting clients and then compromising his integrity and creativity to build them what he thought was a monstrosity in his mind’s eye. Roark would not compromise or sell out his integrity.

Some believe that Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand are among the best books that have ever been written.

“It does not matter that only a few in each generation will grasp and achieve the full reality of man’s proper stature–and the rest will betray it. It is those few that move the world and give life its meaning–and it is those few that I have always sought to address. The rest are no concern of mine; it is not me or The Fountainhead that they will betray: it is their own souls.” – Ayn Rand

The Atlas Shrugged movie is due to be released in 2008.

* * *


The glee continued while I worked at matching articles and then it hit me that the Power Point that we typed set and that I am matching articles to is from way back in May of this year and the Power Point has been changed since them.

I had to fight to not let this throw me for a real loop as I was observing my ego trying to pull me into a tail spin in it’s belief that the matching of the articles is a waist because the Power Point that I am using is slightly out of date as it has been revised a number of times since May.

The bottom line is that I must strike a Datum or Reference Point somewhere along the line and work from that point.

The tailspin, while strong lasted less than a minute.

I’m enjoying the fact that matching the articles to the Power Point is going to clarify both the book and the speaking.

* * *

11:45am EDT / 8:45am PDT

Laura just call me to tell me that she loves me and that she misses me … and I love and miss Laura too.

We both joked that sometimes writers lock themselves away in hotel rooms so that they can focus on their work.

Some hotel views are better than others. The Courtyard of The Delta Hotel in Kitchener, ON.

* * *

5:30pm EDT

I went for a walk in downtown Kitchener, ON at 1pm and then went back to work on the book for the afternoon.

I believe that I have achieved my goal of matching the articles that I have written to the script of my Power Point presentation that we have type set.

The next steps will be;

A) Review the combined list of copy from the articles and the script of my Power Point presentation and reduce it to the absolute minimum.
B) Cut and paste it together
C) Print
D) Send it to the editor

Here are some pictures of what I see when I cycle through Rathtrevor Park in Parksville, BC that I imagined while I did 50 minutes of cardio in the basement gym of my hotel in Kitchener, ON.

bike ride 008.jpg
Rathtrevor Park cycle path

bike ride 009.jpg
It’s not really that steep

Woops … I had a flash of my afternoon walk through downtown Kitchener.

bike ride 010.jpg
On the road to Rathtrevor Beach in Rathtrevor Park

At the end of the day, I am feeling like I have made real progress in getting the book organized.