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Rick Kelly Speaking Testimonial

“Removing Your Roadblocks To Success is a different approach emphasizing that you really have to a have a strong foundation for your vision and business plan to stand on.

I was anticipating rah, rah motivation and we received a much more serious approach.

It’s easy to spout off … Simon really understands what we are going through and I would have been happy to listen to Simon for hours as his information really hit home causing us to be at full attention, not letting our minds wander off.

Simon delivers his presentation with enthusiasm and his presentation is logical, thoughtful and well laid out. His approach is empathetic and hits home on the issues we are facing in our industry providing a step by step understanding to helping to eliminate the roadblocks that we are facing.”


Rick Kelly
Branch Manager
Investment Planning Counsel
President Advocis North Western Ontario (2007)
rick @ ipcamethst.com