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Retreat Treasure Hunters

It’s 8pm Monday evening and the Retreat participants went through a rather rigorous Sunday Evening Orientation Session and a full day on Monday that was highlighted on Monday Afternoon with a session on both Personal & Business;

– Evolution Circles
– Vision
– Values
– Roles
– Goals

As Laura and I left the restaurant after dinner, we walked by the Retreat participants sitting on their balcony and all were in good cheer with beaming smiles as we waved good night.

Sidebar – The food at the Kingfisher Dining Room is just over the top – it is outstanding.

As I am writing this the show Treasure Hunters has just come on the television. I can hear the commentator of the Treasure Hunter show saying to the participants – The Treasure Hunt is now going to get a lot harder.

Two thoughts –

– The Treasure Hunters show have been running episode 1 for what seems like the last two – three weeks. Yes, gaining audience acceptance is going to get harder and harder – if they don’t bloody well get on with the show.

– An 8am start for Day 2 of the Retreat Treasure Hunters is going to come awfully early.