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Retreat Response

Now that is a Retreat Room with a View! I thought it fitting to take this shot just after we completed the set up of the Retreat Facilitation Room on Sunday Night.

allen 003.jpg

Here is the response that we received from the Retreat.

It was all great. Looking forward to working on the material further, when we get home. The clarity and direction in your material is great, and I understand now, the importance of fulfilling my unmet needs.

Empowerment. It gave me, it showed me parts of my behavior and who I am, that I didn’t realize that I had. You’ve explained how I can adapt my behavior to be more effective within my position, and how to relate to our clients a lot better.

Understanding my behavior and realizing that my ?ยขย‚’natural style’ is what I should be. I understand what I need to work on to work more effectively with my team members, and how this will help our interaction and enhance the business.

Concise presentation, but direct at the heart of situations within our organization – strength and recognition of certain individuals.

What I received from the presentation that I didn’t expect was the Direction in relationship to the Roles Exercise. Establishment and preparation of the Company’s Vision through everyone’s eyes.

What I liked best about the presentation was the confirmation of my Values.

Understanding my co-workers values and behaviors as well as my own and the opportunity to decide my future, and not let it be decided for me. For the most part, I bought into some of the ones and I didn’t expect to.

The location, Simon’s energy, and the team participation were fabulous. Simon worked at adapting the material as we went along to answer our questions and concerns about our business. I really appreciated the exercise we did on writing out our Vision. Because we were given the time within the workshop to actually write our Vision, I got it done – or at least I’m well on my way. I now have my own Vision for the business for the next three years.

The smiles say it all! ๐Ÿ™‚

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