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Resistance Is Futile


Thank you for yesterday’s coaching call.

I believe that you should take the time and do The Clearing Process Assignment to do a clearing on the “Charge Backs”. This will help to release your unmet need of worthiness, your core belief that you are not good enough and the related emotions. When you are finished do The Clearing Process on how you felt about your father’s comments about you. One situation is linked with another. Send me The Clearings as soon as they are completed.

This is critical that you do this now. If not, all your actions will be driven by the underlying unmet needs, core limiting beliefs that you are not good enough and they will be fueled with the emotions that go along with them.

You can’t be 101% focused with this all going on below the surface.

Take a stand and put yourself first and suspend the ego mind’s beliefs that you don’t have any time and that you are too busy and that you are overwhelmed. What ever you believe, you make real. Your energy is too valuable to waist while running with negative beliefs and emotions. Resistance is futile. The price is too high not to do this work. Whatever you resist persists.