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Removing Your Roadblocks Financial Advisor Speaking Assignment Follow Up

You will note that the last few Blogs have included the words “Financial Advisor Speaking”. Veteran search engine gurus will understand that the more I use the term, the more likely Google or Yahoo will bring my Blog or Web Site to the top of the list in the event that someone uses the term “Financial Advisor Speaking”.

Removing Your Roadblocks Financial Advisor Speaking Assignment Follow Up

Please note that the Removing Your Roadblocks To Your Success PowerPoint is the core material for my future book and while I can’t give you lock, stock and barrel for free I’ll do my absolute best to provide you with on-going value through the following action list.

Write a story that you can deliver that will make you more personal and real that associate your listener / client to the benefits and features of your products and services.

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Answer the following questions;

– How long have you been in business?
– What is your specialty?
– What got you into the business?
– Why do you like it?
– What don’t you like about it?
– What do you want more of? Why?
– What do you want less of? Why?
– What is the number one thing that is getting in your way that you are really committed to doing something about?
– What would be your evidence that you are creating your results? How would you know that you are creating the result?
– Want is it costing you in frustration, time, energy and money not having the solution to this?
– When is a good time for you to start working on the results that you desire?
– If you don’t make the change, what is it going to cost you in the next five years?
– If you were absolutely certain that there is a person and a program that could absolutely guarantee that you can achieve the results that you desire, you would take the program, wouldn’t you?

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Schedule 8 hours of uninterrupted time and answer the following; The 3-year question: “If we were meeting here in 3 years time, and looking back over the previous 36 months, what would have to have happened to you both personally and professionally for you to be satisfied with your progress?”

You can’t get inspired? Write down all the accomplishments and the way they make you feel from January 1, 2005 to date.

Re-read your “accomplishments and how they make you feel from January 1, 2005 to date”. As you re-read the list circle all of the inspiring verbs that are associated to your accomplishments. These are words like; created, inspired, accomplished, and explored. These are your Values.

Invest the time at the end of every day to give thanks for the value that you are providing others and yourself.

Schedule your time using the Focus, Buffer & Free Days Model from Dan Sullivan, The Strategic Coach. Take it to the next level and schedule using Focus, Buffer & Free Weeks.

What Are Your Beliefs About Time?

?؂Äö¬ß Are you saying? I don’t have enough time, there is too much to do or I’ll never get it all done

?؂Äö¬ß Whatever you believe, you are right

?؂Äö¬ß “Thoughts are real forces” – John Kehoe, author of Mind Power

?؂Äö¬ß What if you were to adopt the belief of; I have an abundance of time for anything that I am committed to doing!

In your Journal separate a page into two columns. In the left hand column write down all the limiting beliefs that you have about time.

– e.g. “I don’t have enough time”

In the right hand column write down all the positive beliefs about time.

– e.g. “I have an abundance of time for anything that I am committed to doing”

Use the following questions to ask for referrals;

?؂Äö¬ß What do you like best?
?؂Äö¬ß What do I do for you that you didn’t expect?
?؂Äö¬ß What can I do to improve my service?

?؂Äö¬ß Who can you introduce me to that will appreciate the same kind of products and services?

Who is coaching you? Who do you have in your business that;

?؂Äö¬ß Wants only the best for you
?؂Äö¬ß Holds what you say in confidence
?؂Äö¬ß Is non-judgmental
?؂Äö¬ß Causes you to take the time that is mandatory to work “on” your business versus “in” it
?؂Äö¬ß Provides insight, inspiration, perspective and new ideas
?؂Äö¬ß Provides immediate solutions and action plans
?؂Äö¬ß Will give you tough love
?؂Äö¬ß Will “call you” when you are not being honest with yourself
?؂Äö¬ß Holds you accountable and you take action
?؂Äö¬ß Is fully trained and experienced on removing your roadblocks to building a successful and sustainable business

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