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Removing Your Mental Road Blocks To Your Success

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In the midst of;

A Day To Reflect On Our Business From 35,000 Feet
The Broad Concept

I had the blessing of having a conversation with Chris Barrow who is one of the best coaches in the business.

There was much insight on the call – too much to write about and the highlights are;

– We are doing everything right – too much.
– Do less – Simplify
– Focus On & Increase Sales
– Repurpose the “Brand” of the Power Point, Web Site & Marketing Material

One huge thing that came out of the call was Chris’s comment – “the absence of my brand”.

While “Being An Advisor” is the brand as you will see all over my Blog and Web Site, Removing Your Mental Road Blocks To Your Success is;

– What I am passionate about
– What I do exceptionally well
– What I am known for
– What I speak about
– What I write about
– What my clients want
– What my clients are getting and are creating results as a result of working with me and doing The Leading Advisor Coaching Program.

“Being An Advisor” is what you get when you work with me on Removing Your Mental Road Blocks To Your Success.

I’m realizing that;

– Removing Your Mental Road Blocks To Your Success is Objective or Left Brain
– “Being An Advisor” is Subjective or Right Brain

Clients buy for Emotional Reasons (Subjective or Right Brain ) and Justify with Logical Reasons ( Objective or Left Brain )

The call with Chris was worth its weight in gold and was extremely timely as we are again clarifying our focus for September and this will lead into sales through our speaking presentations, web site edit and marketing materials.