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Remember, Where You Have Not Been Before, It Is A New Adventure

There was a lot of irony in the comment of “remember, where you have not been before, it is a new adventure” that the father said to his two small children as Laura and I cycled past them along the Galloping Goose Cycle Trail in Victoria, BC on Sunday, September 3, 2006.

The irony is that I had just gotten my “head back together” after a writing hangover from over 60 + hours of writing since August 21st writing the Web Site Upgrade, September 1st E-Newsletter, Book Introduction & 1st Chapter, Pro-Seminars Las Vegas Power Points and CE Credit Application Draft.

Sidebar – 🙂 If clients wonder what I do on “coaching off weeks”, there is the answer.

A writing hangover means that Laura and I arrived in Victoria on Thursday, September 1st to visit with Laura’s mom Helen (Thank you Helen for a wonderful visit) and I was honestly tired right out and was suffering from one of the worst neck and shoulder cramps that I have ever had. All those hours of heavy concentration and typing in front of the computer takes its toll and I am still sore today after finally remembering to stretch my neck, shoulders and back out over the past few days. I am sharing this to offer that it is not always a bed of roses when one is building and creating a business and there are some consequences for stretching with long work hours in front of the computer typing and forgetting to stretch physically while stretching mentally.

Pain can trigger the “Pain Body” which is linked to the “Dysfunctional Ego Mind” and the two of them in unison focus on a chorus of “what is wrong with everything” because my Spirit got depleted when so much time and energy was pumped into the writing all of the above leaving little time for anything else.

You may say “you are the coach – shouldn’t you know better?” Yes I should and even the coach needs a wake up call and that is what I am publicly doing right now.

It wasn’t all in front of the computer over the past two weeks as Laura and I put on about 200 km in cycling over the past two weeks to create Balance.

Speaking of Balance, here are a few photos that I took along the cycle trails over the weekend.

september  5, 2006 005.jpg
Stopping to pick black berries along the way.

september  5, 2006 003.jpg
Laura and the bridge reminds me of The Tipping Point Blog that I wrote a few months ago.

september  5, 2006 001.jpg
This picture reminds me to give thanks for the glass that is more than half full and that Thanks Giving is not that far away.

Simon Reilly
The Financial Advisor Coach