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Regrettably, We Cancelled The Leading Advisor Retreat


Dear Bob,

Thank you for your e-mail requesting the opportunity to participate in The Leading Advisor Retreat.

Sorry for the delay in our response which is not up to our standard. We live 20 minutes north of Nanaimo, BC in a small town and the winter storms have brought about power outages hence the late reply to your e-mail.

Regrettably, we cancelled the retreat because we did not attract the enrollment number in time. We intended to offer the retreat by just posting it on or web site and if it attracted an enrollment it attracted an enrollment. What is sad is, not long after we made a decision to cancel it and make other plans a half a dozen clients came forward and requested the opportunity to participate in our retreat.

Having said all of that, would you like to have a complimentary one on one conversation with me to discuss your strengths and the areas that you wish to strengthen in your business?

If so, please e-mail me back and Laura will contact you to schedule a convenient time.

Sorry about this and thanks for understanding.

Best regards,

Simon Reilly.