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Reflection & Referrals

You have heard it time and time again that the best way to build your business is through Referrals.

90% of business people just don’t ask for referrals.

They are too self absorbed in their fear based subconscious ego mind either;

– When they are making the sale because their ego is afraid that if they ask the client for just one more thing, the client will reject them and the sale all together

– When they have completed the sale and then moved onto the next ego obsessive based sale and they have lost touch with the client all together so now their ego has them feeling guilty and they could not possibly go back and ask for referrals

What to do?

Reflect back and make a list of all of the current and past clients that you love or loved doing business with. Next to each one of their names, write down some of the circumstances that you can remember about doing business with them. Next make the Referral call using the following script.

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Here’s an example of a Reflection;

Client “X”

I remember that Client “X” was a Referral (G.M.) from a Referral (J.R.).

Client “X” said to me “I am working too hard and not making enough money and I don’t have enough time and I want to double my income. Can you help me?” I said yes. One year later “Client “X” took me out for lunch to celebrate that income had doubled in one year. That event was the first of many confirming events that I have an outstanding coaching system that creates results when the clients do the work.

Referral Script

How are you? How is (business, car, family, health, hobbies, home or travel)?

Is there anything that I can do to improve my service to you?

If advised that service is required, record information, thank client that it will be done and that you will follow up in 1 week and confirm that progress is being made.

I am looking for ways to improve my service to best serve my clients –

To find ways to design my business around people like you, I would really like your help and input.

What do you like best about the work that we do together?

Be ready! Write down the answers the question.

What could I do to improve the way I work with you?

Be ready! Write down the answers the question.

Is there one thing that I do for you that you didn’t expect?

Be ready! Write down the answers the question.

______________, thank you very much for kind words. I would like to send you a copy of you comments you’re your edit and approval – I’ll get them out to you and follow up in a few days.

Who do you know that would appreciate the same kind of service that you could introduce me to?