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Re-Branding / Re-Purposing

A weekend of rest. With last weeks changes, re-focusing and new clarity that the speaking is manifesting, it was needed.

So here we go –

In order to effectively market, as I have said all along, one must market deep into a specific niche and as it is now time to market the web site, the issue of Niche and Branding has become more significant than ever.

Again, if you don’t have a Brand then your clients will give you one.

So to this end, we are Re-Branding or Re-Purposing the Web Site to allow us to Market Business Coaching & Public Speaking to the Financial Advisor. Please note that this does not mean that I walk away from the clients that I am serving outside of Financial Advisors. I am talking about Marketing here, not Coaching.

So, this is about “Being” both an expert business coach that is an expert speaker on “Being” an Advisor.

So to this end I though I would share the draft of the plan to Re-Purpose the Web Site.

Stay tuned to the web site as we plan to take significant action this week and I’ll keep you posted as we go along.

Home Page – to include;

– Public Speaking Introduction Section
– Photo
– Promise Statement
– Testimonial
– MP3
– (Expert First, Speaker Second)

Public Speaking Page – to include;

– Introduction
– Speaking Topics
– Simon’s Bio
– Photo Gallery
– Video Gallery
– Event Information Request

– Articles & Assessments (ROI Bullet Points)
– Blog link
– Fee Schedule
– Media Kit
– Products
– Statistics
– Stock Ticker
– Teleclasses
– Testimonials
– and More –