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Ramblings On Getting Ready To Fly

The following thoughts are what came to mind over the course of Sunday, March 5th as I prepared for the week ahead.

* * *

A sure fire way of making sure that your upcoming week is organized is to be away for four days traveling, completing Coaching Calls and speaking to Pro-Seminars audiences in Kitchener and Toronto, Ontario.

What if you organized your week so that all of your appointments, files and notes were truly organized in advance in such a way that you could not run from to do, to do, to do and have everything scheduled and organized instead?

That is the way I’m approaching this next week – an organized and extraordinary week ahead – and will continue to hold this standard.

* * *

Brace yourself now! For those of you the have to believe that this is some sort of corporate diary, it is not. The following is a Blog of what was on my mind on Sunday, the day before I fly to Ontario. For those of you who are afraid of being vulnerable, the following writing may be a little too vulnerable for you. 🙂

Yesterday (Saturday) was a completely off day – not a business activity or thought. Laura and I had fun running Chase along the beach and we took in a movie.

* * *

Back to panning for the week – as I’m getting into the planning, I’m really getting to like this! To top it all off; What if your mother-in-law was coming to visit your wife while you were going to be away and you had a glass wall looking into your office from the rest of the house? You would want to make sure your office was extra tidy wouldn’t you? Well maybe? Helen is a friend and Laura’s mom and I don’t really think of her as my mother-in-law. Don’t even like the name mother-in-law. It kind of sets it up to make one think that it is the law to have this person in your life. I’m blessed to have both Laura and Helen in my life. Mike, Cindy, Ashley & David too.

* * *

I’m remembering the concepts that I talk about; Creating a planning retreat and getting away from your business to see the big picture and “Marketing From 35,000 Feet”.

This trip has a lot of 35,000 feet travel time and alone hotel time to create the very big picture focus that I find to very inspirational.

* * *

Whew! This reminds me of what I have been writing about in recent past Blogs about blocking out the time to think and to plan.

This four day trip has really brought this to my attention – again! 🙂

It is so easy to be working in your business versus working on your business. Again I’m reminded of “first things first”. I can’t be 1000% present in the moment with my clients and with public speaking with 1000 things in my head.

* * *

This is a hoot! I haven’t really done this kind of thing in a long time.

Take one day – no distractions, no e-mail, not phones, no thing –

It is starting to feel like there isn’t anything to do next week other than speaking, coaching and writing.