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Quadrant Two – A, B & C Time Management

5:00am – February 23, 2006

I’ve been reflecting about yesterday’s thoughts on Stephen R. Covey’s Four Quadrants of Time Management:

1) Important & Urgent
2) Important & Not Urgent
3) Urgent & Not Important
4) Not Urgent & Not Important

According to Covey, the problem most people have is with Quadrant Two, the Important but not Urgent.

With keeping Covey in mind and reflecting on Michael J. Gerber’s work in the E-Myth, it stands to reason that Quadrant Two is about;

– Creating time to think
– Developing a Vision and a related set of Goals
– Building a Team
– Building Systems
– Delegating

My Quadrant Two list from yesterday included;

– Quadrant Two E-Newsletter
– Quadrant Two Vision Update
– Quadrant Two Marketing Plan Update
– Quadrant Two Public Speaking, List Of
– Quadrant Two Laura Delegation Plan
– Quadrant Two Financial Plan / Month End
– Quadrant Two Web Site Upgrade Review

However, these too have a deadline so we will change them to Quadrant One;

– Quadrant One E-Newsletter – February 28th
– Quadrant One Financial Plan / Month End – February 28th

Although, I don’t like hooking myself into the word “urgent” because that can easily get one hooked into negative energy because it triggers unmet needs of safety and the limiting beliefs that are related to safety and the emotions along with it.

At the same time, the really, really important stuff is missing from the above list.

So with Quadrant Two – A, B & C Time Management in mind, my list looks like the following. I say this because one must work on their business building systems just like a franchise so that they can duplicate themselves, especially when they are a solopreneur.

Quadrant Two – A

– Personal Time – Myself, Laura, Exercise, Rest, Family, Friends, Hobbies
– Planning & Thinking Time **
– Vision & Goal Setting
– Financial Vision & Accounting
– Marketing Plan Update
– E-Marketing Learn
– Products Development – Books, CDs, E-Books, E-Courses, Retreat
– Public Speaking – Development & List Of
– Web Site Upgrade Review
– Systems, Team Building & Delegation
– Coaching, Courses, Reading & Training

Quadrant Two – B

– Laura Delegation Plan
– Client Appointments, Follow Up & Preparation
– Guests – Articles, Book, MP3 & Teleclass
– Prospecting Qualified Clients, Speaking Opportunities and Strategic Alliances

Quadrant Two – C

– Voice Recognition Software
– Blog
– E-Newsletters – February 28th
– Financial Plan / Month End – February 28th

I won’t bore you with my other Quadrant Four Items which are Routine Items. At the same time remembering that everything needs either a system or delegation.

This has been a great exercise because I’m reminded that I simply don’t have Quadrant One and Quadrant Three Items.

I did this to remind myself that I must create Block Time and Stretch Time to guarantee that all of the Quadrant Two – A Priorities are completed.

So to make what appears to be a daunting task very easy, this is about creating Stretch Time for the Quadrant Two – A List.

Here is what Stretch Time looks like 3 – 4 days per week;

– 9:30pm – 4am Sleep
– 4am – 7am Quadrant Two A (everything except Personal Time)
– 7am – 8am Personal Time
– 8am – 3pm Quadrant Two B
– 3pm – 5pm Quadrant Two C
– 5pm – 6pm Personal Time
– 6pm – 8pm Quadrant Two C

To get books written and web sites produced, this is what it is going to take for now.

It’s just for now.

The outcome is enjoying life through the resources of writing, speaking and coaching.

The alternative is working and working and working.

8am – February 23, 2006

I’m starting my March 1st E-Newsletter and here are the titles of the content;

In This Issue – FYI, Free Articles, Free Teleclass & Programs

– New Phone Numbers
– Welcome New Readers Your Passwords Are Here
– February 26th Marks The 1st Anniversary Of Our Blog
– Pro-Seminars Follow Up Article
– 5 Steps To Quadruple Your Referral Introductions, Testimonials & Sales Without Making One Cold Call
– Coming To A City Near You
– Being An Advisor Coaching Program – Tuesday’s, March 7th – 28th, 2006
– Being An Advisor Assessment
– Being An Advisor Introductory Teleclass
– Hiring Mistakes
– Nurture Marketing
– Tell A Friend

Personal Reflections

– I’m Laughing At Myself
– My 60 Day Review

2pm – February 23, 2006

The first draft of the E-Newletter is complete and I’m posting this Blog into the E-Newsletter as part of the content.

I’ll proof the E-Newsletter on Friday and forward it to Laura for publishing in Microsoft Front Page / HTML.

Tomorrow, Friday Laura and I are going on a Marketing Retreat to discuss our Marketing Plans and take a drive, enjoy the scenery and we will have a great lunch at the same time.