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Progress On The Book + Confirmation From Kim Black

I think that we have nailed the cover – all we have to do is obtain the licensing for the photo and we are working on it. The “we” meaning the work that Kim Black and I did on the cover.

It’s 7:40am PDT on Wednesday morning and it is my first day of three Product Development Days.

While I am admitting that it is struggle getting into the book … it all seems to be passing as I’m looking over the notes that I made while I was on the road from Thursday, September 27th – Wednesday, October 3rd.

Thoughts that assembling the book to be “editor ready” are flowing freely as I remember that I have the best part of 100 Removing Your Roadblocks Power Point Presentations underneath my belt and that the book is just an extension of the Power Point Presentations.

It’s 9:34am and I am feeling like I am finally breaking through. While I have indexed all of my articles to the type set audio of my Removing Your Roadblocks Power Point Presentations, and as an example, there are 50 articles that are indexed as “introduction” that may or may not fit in the introduction. This number at first glance seemed overwhelming. I’m into the 6th introduction article now and it is finally feeling like it is taking shape.

Taking shape means that again I am following the type set audio of my Removing Your Roadblocks Power Point Presentation and cutting and pasting the appropriate articles into a new document that an editor can work from.

It is kind of like cleaning out your garage or storage space;

• These articles are both heirlooms and they are valuable and they can be used.
• These articles are going to either the auction, goodwill or recycling as they can not be used at this time.

As I continue, I am amazed at the number of articles that I have written and I believe that a quality editor will be able to merge the articles into a free flowing book.

It’s 10:20am and the assembling of the articles is going ahead and I feel that progress is being made. It is actually getting really easy as all the previous work of indexing all of my articles to the Power Point is really paying off.

It’s 5:22pm and I feel like I have had the “best book day” in ages. I have 71 – 8 ½” x 11″ pages indexed to the type set audio of my Power Point and if you multiply 71 x 2 that equals 142 “book pages” as the book pages are half the size of a regular sheet of paper.

All I have to do is keep at it now and get this article indexing to the type set audio of my Power Point finished ASAP so that I do not loose focus.

I’m taking the liberty to share an e-mail that Kim Black sent me this morning that confirms that we are track with first type setting the audio from my Power Point Presentation and then matching all or excerpts from existing articles to the audio from my Power Point.

Hi Simon,

I was talking with a gentleman I’m working with this morning. His research says that most business level books are on the average:

• 168 Pages
• 20 Chapters
• (Each chapter having 5 sub headings)

He also says that:

• Over 80% of all books now are self-published.

• The best way to write a book is to audio author without editing. You come back later and edit.

• Best way to make money is to self-publish. Even if you are able to obtain a publisher, as a first-time author you are likely to earn less than 50 cents on a $20 purchase price book.

Interesting info given what you’re working on – the book.