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Professional Or Amateur – Change Or Die


That’s a pic of my of my airport office in Thunder Bay, ON.

It’s 12:45pm ET on Saturday, October 20, 2007. After three days in a row of 5am wake ups, I slept right through from 10pm last night to 9:30am Saturday morning. After breakfast I packed up and I decided to go to the Thunder Bay Airport and sit in my usual airport office waiting until my 3:30pm flight to Toronto, ON.

I do this to save time thinking that once I touch my luggage I may as well leave it on the dolly and load it straight into the cab and then I can check in and just settle in and maximize my time … this is what I love to do. On the other hand I could waist a bunch of energy, money and time with some self gratification taking a 30 minute round trip to Chapters and Starbucks … NOT!

Yesterday’s 1 ½ Hour Presentation of Removing Your Roadblocks for Advocis North Western Ontario went extremely well.


Rick Kelly, the President of Advocis North Western Ontario and I had a great dinner last night while discussing issues in the financial advisor industry, my presentation and Rick’s thoughts on how I can introduce Removing Your Roadblocks to more Advocis Chapters and Private companies.

So I’m settling for a few hours of work that will carry over into Sunday and the work will include;

• Debrief my notes from my meeting with Rick Kelly
• Compose a Thank You E-Mail for Rick Kelly
• Complete on client e-mails from my client call on Friday
• Review the 1 ½ Hour Presentation of Removing Your Roadblocks to reduce it to a 1 ¼ Hour Presentation for next week’s Presentations for The Independent Financial Brokers
• Create my goals and intention for The Independent Financial Brokers Summit
• Getting back in touch with the work that I am going to be doing on my Book on Sunday
• Work on a Marketing Program for my clients.

This kind of dedication reminds me of either you are a Professional or an Amateur which is what Stephen Pressfield talked in his book The War Of Art.


This was affirmed to me as I glanced at my packed bag and I saw the book title of “Change Or Die” flash at me from the book that I am reading by Dr. Wayne Dyer – Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life.