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Product Development Day #3

Last week was the first week of our new yearly Time Management Plan and we stayed true to form as last Friday was a Product Development Day.

Change, in our case is creating the space to write a book, can only happen when we change what we are habitually used to doing. Creating a Time Management Plan and sticking to it helps us to establish “what I want to do” and helps to eliminate the noise of “what I hope to do” or what I need to do” or “what I should do”, which are all dream killers.

The day started by creating an 800 word article for Advocis Forum Magazine using “Are You Emotionally Retired?” as a guideline.

After that I continued on working on the Book Plan.

I reviewed the transcription of our Removing Your Roadblocks PowerPoint Presentation to identify the mini stories that are related to each group of slides. This will help in the creation and flow of the book chapters and to adding additional writing that may be required using the resources of articles that we have already created on this Blog Site, in our E-Newsletters and our Web Site. Here is an example the mini stories that are related to each group of slides.

Segment 1 Slide 1 & 2
• Introduction – Removing Your Roadblocks.
• How do you know you have roadblocks? The Leading Advisors Survey.
• There are two types of speakers.
• This is about getting busy.
• Inspire you from the inside out.
• Simon Reilly Parable / Financial Advisor issues.
• Anthony Robbins Franchise Certificates.
• The missing link.

Segment 2 Slide 3 – 9
• Leading Advisor / Simon & Laura intro.
• I’m here for those of you … Looking for those of you that understand.
• The discomfort zone.
• Industry experts agree.
• Obsessive compulsive product disorder.