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Product Development Day #2

This graphic that we purchased from iStock demonstrates a theme for the Removing Your Roadblocks Graphics. Note the picture of the road at the bottom left hand corner. We are imagining that this could look something like our book cover. The sign on the road could be made bigger to read Removing Your Roadblocks.

Our work on our Product Development continued on Thursday. Writing this Blog helps me to stay on track. The one thing that I’m noticing that it is real easy for me to stay on track with is something that I am comfortable with like: creating a vision, coaching, speaking and writing a blog or e-newsletter. Without the plan … well I am not so good and notice that it feels like I am all over the map so the Book Plan Blogging helps me to stay on focus.

🙂 Then again, there was a day when the concept of creating a vision was enormous, coaching was something that took me hours of preparation, speaking took me literally days to prepare for and writing a blog and e-newsletter was a struggle.

Friday brings a break from working on the book because I have a deadline to write an article for Advocis Forum Magazine.

We have located a graphic designer and book designer, you can see their work here: Cyanotype Book Architects.

Here is a copy of our Book Plan:

book actions

review our brand
• simon

contact graphic designer
• simon

establish book content
• simon and laura

create chapters
• simon

proof power point transcription
• laura

locate additional writing material
• simon

determine which additional writing material to use
• simon and laura

locate book designer

locate editor

locate publisher

determine workbook content
• simon and laura
• via audio acrobat

locate graphic designer
• simon

graphics A
• trade show
• book cover
• book contents graphics
• web site, blog and e-newsletter banners
• referral card
• product dvd and booklet

graphics B
• advisor business school
• leading advisor review

book content

• graphics
• cover design
• title page
• copy write page
• dedication page
• epigraph
• table of contents
• about author
• forward
• acknowledgements
• disclaimer
• chapters, client stories, quotes, testimonials, add segues to work book, illustrations
• send a chapter to centers of influence
• (back of book)
• appendix
• glossary
• bibliography
• index
• order forms, books, work books, products, coaching,speaking
• back cover