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Producing A CD/DVD From Our PowerPoint

Sunday was a little unusual because;

– It felt like Monday as I was traveling to Edmonton for a speaking gig at 9am on Monday.

– It also felt like I was starting September a second time given that;

– ** I had two weeks off from working with clients in August for writing projects and the first week of September was invested in working with my clients

– ** The first part of last week was invested in presenting two speaking gigs in Las Vegas and the later part of the week was spent on fun in Las Vegas

– ** We spent Friday traveling home and had Saturday at home to get sorted out and then I’m back on the road again

The blessing is that Edmonton is a short trip as I will be home by 5pm Monday evening.

All of this traveling time has given me loads of time to work on;

– Pro-Seminars Las Vegas speaking contacts follow up
– Teleclass prep for Tuesday
– Preparation for this weeks client calls
– E-Newsletter articles
– Edmonton gig
– Client communication
– Project review
– 12 day E-Course editing
– 6 Action Steps To Take Now To Meet And Exceed Your Goals For 2006 – “Head Towards The Finish Line Knowing That You Are Going To Win!” Product Development

As I write this Blog I am sitting on the tarmac once again, this time in Calgary waiting for the flight to take off for Edmonton. The flight delay is due to a “security alert” at the airport in Vancouver, BC and this has delayed our flight crew.

While this is going on I am using the time to review my entire PowerPoint as we are filming the gig that I am doing for Pro-Seminars in Richmond, BC on Wednesday, September 20th.

What I find interesting is I’m approaching this review from the point of creating as many as 20 video clips out of the PowerPoint and this is causing me to pay attention to the titles and segways to the presentations and the following presentations.

Musings –

Once again I find Blogging while on the road to be very helpful as it helps to create clarification, pass the time and eliminate the loneliness of the long distance speaker.

I’m looking forward to a workout when I get to the hotel in Edmonton.

What contract – going from 100 degrees F. in Las Vegas to 4 degrees C. in Edmonton.

Cheers to “The Great White North” and motivation to complete my book and create more USA gigs.