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Pro-Seminars Calgary Presentation January 15, 2007


Taking a moment to publicly affirm the following for the Calgary, AB Pro-Seminars audience at 8am MDT;

The Calgary Pro-Seminars Presentation went well as usual and here are a few testimonials.

While I visualize and hear and feel myself delivering an animated, composed, confident, energetic, fulfilling, helpful, inspired, relaxed, sensitive, upbeat and wonderful presentation I request that the members of the audience see, hear and feel the Removing Your Roadblocks To Success Presentation and as a result they are encouraged, enthused, excited, exhilarated, intrigued, moved and stimulated to make positive changes to both their business and personal lives.

Great mix of quick ideas and simple to follow and very informative. I really enjoyed the piece on the referral talk. Your information is broken down into simple and manageable ideas and actions. I really liked how you incorporated your graphical representations of business values and behaviors the seeing is the believing! You remind one of the basic building blocks to success and how we must focus on that. I really enjoyed the in-depth approach of your presentation, and your energy as a speaker is great.

With 11,500 KM and speaking presentations in Calgary, London and Toronto underneath my belt with traveling starting January 7th, I'm ready for a break. I've one more presentation to do in Richmond, BC on Thursday, January 18th and that is it for public speaking until March!