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Practice Management 2024 – Wake Up!

You are familiar with the first-morning wake-up call.

You know – When you are in lucid sleep, you wake up for the first time.

The first wake-up call is when you become awake, and the thought addiction starts.

Thought addiction is rooted in your fear-based, unmet needs-seeking amygdala.

Your fear-based, unmet needs-based amygdala has you addicted to thinking;

  • What do I have to do today?
  • Who do I have to see today?
  • How will I earn extra money today?
  • Who do I have to impress today?
  • What conflict do I have to deal with today?




All of the above is scarcity thinking and based on the belief that there isn’t enough or you are not enough.

It is time for the second wake-up call.

The second wake-up call is when you become aware of your higher self.

You are waking up to your higher self, which is beyond thought.

You can achieve no thought through affirmation, contemplation, meditation, or prayer.

The second wake-up call is to wake up in your heart versus your mind consumed by constant and never-ending scarcity thinking.

As you go to bed this evening, decide that you are going to wake up tomorrow morning reciting affirmations like the following for 5 minutes before you get out of bed;

  • Be still and know I am awake
  • Consciousness shines its light throughout my self
  • Life is the quality of my being conscious

Whatever is on your mind can wait. If you have a burning idea to solve climate change or world hunger, write a note in the journal on your bedside table.

The heart-centered affirming process and conscious heart-centered breathing will give you immediate peace of mind.

Whether you wake up tomorrow morning through affirmation, contemplation, meditation, prayer, or clearing, your next step is not Breaking NEWS!

Constantly checking the NEWS that cannot keep up with information and misinformation contributes to anxiety. Looking to the NEWS with hope and fear comes from a lack of something. Faith teaches me that “the best” is what I am experiencing now. Instead of brainwashing with more NEWS, brain sanitize with an Affirmation to build good mental immunity. Affirming will cleanse, dissolve, and vanish the habitual emotions and beliefs of a universal fear that weakens our spirit. Affirming sharpens our focus from the current crisis-driven low-level chronic fear of mortality to the awareness of long-lasting life. 

To err is human; to edit, divine. – Grammarly 

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