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Pay Cash For A Boat Or End A 5 Year Struggle?

Before I get to that, Laura and I had an excellent weekend.

Today started with a very clear plan of action and by this writing at 2pm all of them are complete;

– Prepare for Vision Meeting
– Reply to client e-mails from the weekend and this AM
– Send a special e-mail to clients about Irresistible Attraction
– Complete draft of June 1st E-Newsletter
– Invoicing
– Get my glasses repaired
– Communicate with Kim Black about Web Site Updates
– Investigate Supplementary Heating for the offices for this winter

Along the way, I tracked my Mood from time to time using a Mood Meter noting my Mood, the Time and the Action that I was involved with at the time. A great tool for staying awake.

I’ll wrap up the day with a Vision Meeting, Bike Ride and WATCH THE EDMONTON OILERS BEAT THE CAROLINA HURRICANES in their own house!! 🙂

Pay Cash For A Boat Or End A 5 Year Struggle?

In sitting down to write last week’s installment of my 12 Day E-Course, the concept of Coping comes to mind.

For this issue I am thinking of summarizing all of the excuses that I am hearing as to why potential clients say they want to do the coaching program and they want to put off the coaching program until tomorrow, next week, next month next –

For what appears to be a very good reason.

Like the potential client that explained to me that they have been struggling (using inconsistent values and behaviors I might add) for 5 years to unsuccessfully hire an assistant which is one of a number of things that they have been failing in. Our conversation explained to them why they have been experiencing their challenges and provided a step by step approach to make a sustainable change.

The potential client told me that they could not do the coaching program right now is because they wanted to pay cash for a new boat.

Let’s see now –

End the 5 year struggle that has been blocking their business and personal life –


Pay cash for a new boat?

That’s it. It’s the boat.

You know those new boats have so many new options which include the “Assistant To The Financial Advisor Option” that will build a strong financial practice allowing the advisor to be all that they can be and provide the best service possible. On top of that they can medicate the pain that they are experiencing with their boat – such a deal.