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Past The Financial Advisor Coaching & Public Speaking Tipping Point!

My goal is to speak, coach and write.

The results for Re-Branding of our Web Site, E-Newsletter, Blog and Programs that we did in the later part of August are indescribable.

Our speaking and the response that we are receiving are over the top.

Working with us on One On One Coaching will be Sold Out by the 1st or 2nd week of October as we have far more appointments scheduled with prospective clients than we have space for.


This again is a result of the Re-Branding and the caliber of the participants speaking testimonial. Word is traveling fast.

Just the other day we had two Advocis Chapters wanting us to speak on the same day in November, 2006.

One of my goals is / was to provide quality speaking presentations for Advocis which would then lead us to National Main Stage speaking for associations, companies and conferences. I thought that I would do about 6 – 12 Advocis Financial Advisor Public Speaking Events across Canada and the quality would lead to National Main Stage speaking.

It happened today. It appears that we have been invited to speak at a National Main Stage Financial Advisor Public Speaking Event in January 2007.

With the One On One Coaching close to being Sold Out we can turn some of our attention to;

– National Public Speaking Marketing
– Products; Books, CDs, DVDs

The reason that I have limited the amount of clients that I will wok with is all of my work is personal and one on one with clients and I am not a juke box.


It is time to turn our attention to make us more scalable so that we duplicate our value on a National level.