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“Our Marketing Is Happening By Itself!”

This week, in fact the month ahead (March 06) seems so easy with a clear Vision, with Projects identified and Scheduled.

With RRSP Season completing in two days we are taking these last two days to fine tune our Planning and Marketing Focus using the Quadrant A B C Concept and then it’s full steam ahead for March.

Given that July / August are 4 months away we plan to make the best of March – June so that we can enjoy the summer.

I thought came to-mind this AM about creating a format to enable my clients to articulate the accomplishments that they have created as a results of using the Leading Advisor Coaching System – more to follow.

With an off week from clients and much internal focus and not a lot of people contact, I’m very much looking forward to working with my clients this week.

Laura and I had a brief meeting to get the day/week going at 9am with the intent on meeting for a long lunch to review the revised Marketing Plan. We briefly got into the marketing discussion and I said with glee I might add; “You know, it is almost happening by itself!” I stopped for a second and gave thanks.

Laura walked into my office at 11am with glee saying “I just love this!” handing me an e-mail response from our Speaking Page on our Web Site.

Question: Hi, I see that you are going to be in Edmonton for a conference in Sept of this year. Please advise what you would charge to come to Grande Prairie Alberta for a presentation. (1-2 hours) Thank you!

I reminded Laura and I both of what happened at 9am.

“You know, it is almost happening by itself!” I stopped for a second and gave thanks.

At 2pm we were invited to speak in Kitchener & Toronto. 🙂