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Online Office Assistant

The weekend felt really good for many reasons and on a business note, because of stretching to create a brand new PowerPoint for the April 13th, 2007 Calgary Independent Financial Brokers Summit. It would have been real easy to use the regular PowerPoint. In hind site, I would have had a hard time with myself in failing to deliver the new PowerPoint even though I had zero time to practice. The response to the brand new PowerPoint was excellent and it will get even better as the sequays and timing improve.

Laura and I had a chance meeting on Saturday with Christina Greenway and Amada Nicholas of Online Office Assistant. Christina and Amada just happened to be on a business retreat at Tigh-Na-Mara Resort which is just five minutes away from us so we could not pass up the opportunity to meet with them in person as they have been providing us with data management, editing and publishing for well over a year and we had not met. It is kind of an odd experience meeting with someone for the first time after you have been working with and speaking with on the phone for over a year. To find out more click here; Online Office Assistant

Our meeting was very serendipitous in that we are on the tail end of our Quarterly Review Process and it is clear that we need to delegate a lot more. We found that we were all of like mind thinking that it may be of benefit to meet live on a more regular basis.

I shared the highlights of our Report Card & Quarterly Review Process;

• Business Development – Attend Business Retreat
• Coaching – Develop Alumni, Group Coaching, & Retreat Products
• Financial – Contribute Monthly to Debt Reduction, Investment & Tax Accounts
• Hire – Sales & Marketing Associate to Book Public Speaking and Sales
• Operations Manual – Create
• Live Workshops – Produce Fall Workshops in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto
• Power Point New – Create
• Public Speaking – Focus on Western Canada
• Public Speaking Follow Up – Systemizing and Automating the Public Speaking Attendee Follow Up
• Price Increase – July 1
• Publish – 100 Tips Booklet, Best Of The Best E-Newsletter & Referral Card,
• Speaking – Prospect Corporate Speaking Events
• Training – Study Group Coaching Delivery, Speaking Marketing & Book Marketing
• Web – Resources Page Publish
• Writing – Publish a Book & CD

I’m taking this opportunity to document and prioritize the items that we discussed for distribution to Laura, Christina and Amanda and here are the items that we discussed;

• Blog Editing/Proofing
• E-Newsletter Editing/Proofing
• Systemizing and Automating the Public Speaking Attendee Follow Up using Auto Responders 30-60-90 to increase; * Appointments * E-Newsletter Subscriptions * Speaking Referrals * Testimonial Approval, Data Base Management, Direct Mail, Shopping Carts, Survey Monkey (Simon and Laura to forward completed plan to Christina)
• Typesetting Coaching Sessions and Public Speaking from MP3 Audio for use with Articles, Books, E-Newsletters, Pod Casting and PowerPoint
• Converting our Web Server to Uniserve
• Researching and Publishing Material for our Web Site Resources Section that include the areas of; Conferences, Industry Alliances, Industry Articles and Recommended Reading
• A Subscriber Site that will be part of our new Group Coaching Product and this site can include; Audio Downloads, Expert Interviews, Pod Casting and Resources ( discuss with Kim Black )
• Converting our E-Newsletter Distribution to Constant Contact

That is it for today’s Blog which has primed the pump for my writing of the April 15th E-Newsletter.