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One On, One Off – On Afternoons

This week is different in that I am coaching clients on Monday, traveling Tuesday, coaching clients on Wednesday, speaking and traveling on Thursday and coaching clients on Friday.

Usually I am coaching clients Tuesday – Friday, back to back, one week on, one week off. I suppose the coaching clients Tuesday – Friday this week, back to back is to create the one week on, one week off.

Having said all this I’m enjoying the one coaching day and one coaching day off this week.

Wednesday was invested on the phone with clients from 11:15am – 7:45pm EDT and that’s why I said “On Afternoons”.

Thursday’s wake up is at 3am PDT / 6am EDT to speak at 8am at the Advocis Durham Educational Day. As an added bonus, I’m looking forward to hearing Norm Trainor from The Covenant Group speak at 9am.

The event ends at 10am, with free time until I leave for the airport 11:45am. Laura will pick me up at the Comox, BC airport at 5:30pm PDT / 8:30pm EDT.

Thursday was filled with working with financial advisor clients on specific product marketing strategies, staffing issues, improving product delivery, delegation, time management, celebrating being over sales budget for the year, client segmentation, web site, marketing and some personal issues.

On thing of note is that many of my clients will be at Manulife’s 2007 Educational Conference in Maui next week.

Here is the one of the personal issues that I had the opportunity to be of service on.

From time to time, one of their loved ones passes on. A client asked me to send their wife some thoughts to help them at this time.

Dear _______,

_____ mentioned the unfortunate passing of your cousin, and _____ asked me to offer my thoughts that I may have for you.

_____ mentioned that you would have enjoyed the completion that a funeral can bring, and this is especially prevalent as you are an active member of the church.

I understand how you feel.

The passing of a loved one will naturally bring the sadness of the loss. At the same time, I find it beneficial to spend some time with a journal by yourself and think of the achievements, hobbies, pastimes, qualities, skills, talents along with all the positive and quality memories that you can think of about the person that has passed on.

This is a form of celebration … and along with this, know that this is what God will focus on, and your journaling will join with God to grant them the salvation and everlasting life that I know that you want for your cousin.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service.

Simon Reilly