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On Track

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Work is an expression of one’s values: struggling is an expression of one’s unmet needs. Thomas Leonard

Effortless Marketing

These are the components that I believe our business requires to create Effortless Marketing;

• Booklets including Audios, Powerpoints, Transcriptions and Workbook of our Public Speaking Presentations
• Publics Speaking Sponsors
• Marketing via; Ads, Articles, Direct Mail, E-Broadcasts, Fax Broadcasts, Teleclasses
• Group Coaching Product “The Circuit”
• Published Articles
• Vlog ( Video Logs )
• New Streaming Video
• Tradeshow Booth
• Book – The Unmet Needs Disease

On Track This Week

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday of this week are all Buffer Days and Monday’s actions were on track.

• Plan the week
• Answering E-Mail Enquiries ( I have attached one at the bottom of this Blog )
• Meet with Laura
• Meet with Kim Black regarding Web Site Upgrades, our new “Circuit” Group Coaching Product
• Meet with Simon Parsons to make sure that all computer systems are A OK for next week when I am on the road
• Client File Reviews

Today (Tuesday) will be invested in;

• A few Public Speaking Follow Up Calls
• Getting Re-Associated to my Book

A message from a client that I worked with last year …


Greetings! I have been thinking of you for several different reasons.

How is the book coming? I noted that Amazon has recently acquired my favorite source of audio books, Audible.com.

As I said previously, I am sure your book would lend itself to this mode of distribution, and you have the ability to narrate it. Additionally, if it is directed to the advisor community, there are, I believe, a disproportionate number of persons in this field who would use an audible presentation as a preferred choice.

I believe in our conversations you mentioned that you would provide someone like myself a quick survey of a perspective new hire using the kind of basic testing that I completed. Could you call me and fill me in on this process?

Finally, I am wondering if you had any success with presenting at CALU.

You can check by telephone or email for a mutually appropriate time to chat for a minute.

All the best,
______________________, R.F.P.,CFP

Hi __________________,

Great to hear from you.

The book is on hold as I was so busy ( really ) last fall. We have just finished an audio / powerpoint upgrade for our Removing You Roadblocks Product and here is the link; https://leadingadvisor.com/ifb-video/

We are producing a group coaching product that we will launch in April.

We are in production on two booklets which will be a transcription along with the two powerpoints that I currently deliver combined with a DVD. We can turn these into audio books also … and thanks for the reminder.

All of this is to provide additional entry points to the business and enhance the speaking marketing to corporate presentations. We landed one for Canada Life in February and have loads of other prospects.

I have been staying in touch with CALU and they were just about to call me last week for the 2008 conference as a speaker cancelled … and then it turned out that the speaker could make it so we are in sight for 2009.

Please let me know if any company education or road shows come to mind.

Best regards,