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On The 3rd Floor Right Off The Skywalk

Paul Lauzon’s new Kelowna Office “On The 3rd Floor Right Off The Skywalk”, which will be ready next year.

Now that Paul has completed the sale of his existing building and the purchase of his new building, with the location of the vision complete along with interior details of the location …

This rendering is a metaphor of the value of having an outside big picture vision while having a plan of the interior details of the business for June 2008 and beyond.

* * *

Laura and I went for an evening walk around our neighborhood on Tuesday and given that I had just returned from Calgary, AB and my last whirl wind speaking gig until August, we talked about all the things that we have to give thanks for.

We are happily in love and we have the absolute pleasure and the honor to work with the most extraordinary people assisting them to Remove Their Roadblocks to meet and exceed their dreams.

My travel weariness lifted when we reviewed all of the things that we have accomplished over the past year and I am looking forward to completing Wednesday’s & Thursday’s client calls and to Friday’s business and product development day so that I can get things back into perspective.

I am noticing that in the absence of the planning and a review, my ego mind has turned everything into an “A” priority and from this perspective one cannot be clear and what one should be doing and what one should be quitting. Click here to read my June E-Newsletter article Quit & Become The Best In The World.