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Okanagan Lakefront Bed & Breakfast

Laura and I deceided to stay at a Bed & Breakfast instead of a hotel while in Kelowna for the Advocis Pro-D Day.

Part of the reason was we could have the charm and personal connection that we would get at a B & B versus the sterility of a hotel. Not to mention that Kelowna is one of the most expensive places to stay due to its beauty and the shortage of hotel beds due to Kelowna being a significant conference and tourist destination.

Laura and I wanted to weave our Kelowna visit into a Quarterly Retreat given that we have been going full on since January with a relocation and the best part of 20 speaking gigs in locations from Nanaimo to Toronto and almost every where in between covering 50,000 miles. So it was time for a rest.

We were greeted with Shane’s charm and glowing smile as soon as we arrived and I think we unconsciously deceided that we liked each other right off the bat. I’m sure it must be tricky for Shane as running a B & B is like feeling like Forest Gump’s “Running a B & B is like life’s a box of chocolates, she never knows what she is going to get”. Sometimes she gets chocolates and I am sure there are a few nuts along the way.

The Okanagan Lakefront Bed & Breakfast was just what we wanted. A cozy private suite with a California King Size Bed (long enough for me that my toes don’t stick out the bottom), separate nook, kitchen and private patio equipped with a barbeque all surrounded by panoramic views of the lake, hillside wineries and mountain views.

We were even treated to a bonus of nature on Saturday with a view of the most amazing wind, thunder, lightening storm with water coming down in a torrents. I love nature and often go into “no thought” during the day while looking at its splendor.

Shane’s hospitality was over the top with every conceivable appointment that you can imagine from the chocolates on the pillows, fully stocked fridge – way beyond a mini bar and private patios on the water – there is really too much to list.

Shane even went and shopped for us so that we could have dinner in on Saturday night.

🙂 And it is only Sunday and we still have all day Sunday, the evening and night to go as we are not traveling back until Monday morning.

Click here for The Okanagan Lakefront Bed & Breakfast or go to www.kelownabedbreakfast.com – a great place to have your next rewarding Quarterly Retreat.