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“Oh no! We only have you down for 15 minutes!”

I arrive with excitement to yesterday’s Public Speaking Presentation. Confirm with the event coordinator that I have 45 minutes to present. I’m taken aback! The event coordinator says “Oh no! We only have you down for 15 minutes!”.

So instead of getting into my ego mind about the stuff from yesterday’s blog, I deliver the best 15 minute presentation of my life.

Here the evidence.

Hi, Simon and Laura!

Thanks very much for an outstanding and thought-provoking presentation today. Too bad there wasn’t time for more! I’m looking forward to implementing your ideas. I, too, have had some life-altering experiences which made me re-evaluate many core beliefs and what you said today makes a lot of sense. It’s time to dig deeper. Thanks again!

Best regards,


On another note. “I loved the blog yesterday – you hit me between the eyes! It was riveting.”