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Off Until March 5, 2007


Laura and I are going on holiday to Pender Island until Monday, March 5, 2007 for a well deserved rest.

February has been a month of being off of the road from Financial Advisor Public Speaking as it is RRSP Season. The month has been invested in looking after our clients, running our business and writing when time permits. It is what we prayed for! A full practice!

To keep the practice full, we have five Financial Advisor Public Speaking Presentations in March in;

• March 6 – Kitchener, ON
• March 7 – Toronto, ON
• March 20 – Saskatoon, SK
• March 21 – Edmonton, AB
• March 29 – Vancouver, BC

Remember, you market when the well is full, not when it is dry.

Hats off to Laura this week for creating the opportunity for us to provide Financial Advisor Public Speaking at two separate Advocis Education Days in Oshawa, ON and Regina, SK in May of 2007.

For a change, February’s Blogs have been focused on writing about fictitious financial advisor situations and I feel that I have met my goal.

February 26, 2007 marks the 2nd Anniversary of the beginning of this Blog.

During March, I will return to my shameless writing about what is going on in our day to day business along with writing about fictitious financial advisor situations.

We will be back on March 5th.