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Nothing Changes Unless I Change

It is time to gain a new perspective about The Comfort Zone which is nothing more than The Experience Zone … to feel alive and creative; we must go out and create new experiences on a daily basis.

In times of change, do something that challenges you.

Well we are;

  • Laura booked me with appointments on this trip to speak with Advocis Chapter Presidents, Advocis Program Chairs and MGA Firms and it looks like we have four more speaking opportunities and September 2009 is sold out.
  • I invested the best part of 20 hours of development time and I delivered a brand new power point presentation called Recession Is A Choice, What’s Yours? this morning at Pro-Seminars in Kitchener, ON.

On a scale of 1 – 10 on delivering an unrehearsed presentation … I’m giving myself an 11 … one can’t have enough resources in this business.

In this economic climate you understand that;

  • For things to change then I must change
  • I can’t do anything about what I don’t know about
  •  No one will change
  •  No thing will change
  •  Nothing changes unless I change

Debbie McKenzie of Cowan Insurance Group says it all; “In our doom and gloom climate, it was refreshing to hear such an optimistic and enthusiastic presentation.”

I have a 10am coaching call and then I am off to Toronto to have dinner with Robert Gignac who wrote Wealth Is A State Of Mind and speak at Pro-Seminars on Wednesday morning … I’m flying home on Wednesday afternoon 🙂 .