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Note To Self – Saskatchewan Is Not On Daylight Savings Time :-)


Yesterday started in Saskatoon, SK with what I thought to be an ample amount of time waking up at 6:30am with what I had fixed in my mind as CDT which in fact was CST. This meant that my schedule was off by being one hour short.

The plan was to do a workout, shower, have breakfast, write my Blog and return to my
hotel room/officewith ample time to set up my hotel office with computer, printer, phone etc.

On second thought I decided not to workout and take it easy. I leisurely ate my breakfast as I wrote yesterday’s Blog thinking that Saskatchewan is 2 hours ahead of Pacific time on Central time. At 8:15am it dawned on me that Saskatchewan is not on daylight savings time and I had to rush upstairs to my hotel room/office 15 minutes late for my 7:00am PDT/10:00AM EDT.

I’m thankful for a tremendous amount of understanding and reserve with my 7am client and that I was well prepared for the day and settled in for a day of back to back coaching sessions on the phone. This brought to mind that I am always over prepared for my calls to provide my clients full value and to give them an experience of feeling understood. Creating understanding is what I do best for my clients slicing through the fear to create solutions to some of the most complex problems.

The day went by in a heart beat with calls until 5:45pm CST while working with my clients removing their roadblocks as well as working on;

• Business visions
• Business plans
• Associate/employee contract negotiations
• Marketing plans
• Web site plans
• Sales strategies
• Office locations

We received a number of referrals today to new prospective clients and I am noticing more and more of them trickling in as I have been sensing to pay more attention to attracting them.

At 5:45pm I took a two block walk in freezing cold weather to Starbucks for my favorite Chai Soy Latte for a change of pace.

My evening was invested in having dinner while I wrote this Blog, completed on follow up e-mails from the day, reviewed my PowerPoint for tomorrow’s Pro-Seminars Saskatoon Presentation and all this while watching the Vancouver Canucks play the Edmonton Oilers

Tuesday’s Pro-Seminars Saskatoon Presentation is at 8am CST followed by two client calls and then I am flying to Edmonton, AB for Wednesday’s 8am MST Pro-Seminars Edmonton Presentation.

– photo courtesy of; http://www.courier-journal.com/foryourinfo/033103/033103.html