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Not Even Stitches Will Hold Me Back

Mike Meyer’s “Fat Bastard” character.

A few weeks ago, while I was speaking with a client on my phone/headset, I backed into a table and knocked over a vase and it broke into two pieces. I stood the vase back up turning it good side out and made a mental note to crazy glue it together “one day”.

This isn’t like me because I do my absolute best to eliminate loose ends especially when we have a home office situation. Our space must be clear because clutter is very distracting and if we are not using something it is either sold or it is delivered to goodwill so that someone else can make use of what we are not using. If we have not used it in a year, it is gone.

I was speaking on my phone/headset with my friend Dave on Saturday morning and I backed into the same table and knocked over the same vase and given that I am so coordinated, I reached behind with my left hand and sure enough I caught it … and caught a deep 5 cm, 45 degree, 9 stitches cut across the lower palm of my left hand.

So Saturday morning was spent in the clinic getting stitches.

The moral of the story, get rid of clutter because it is cluttering my space.

So that messed up my 10 kilometer power cycle ride that I had planned.

Given that I had a blistering coaching and speaking schedule from late August to the end of October, I got off my cycle / cardio routine from three to four times per week down to one … if that.

I started feeling like the Mike Meyer’s character called “Fat Bastard”.

Well at least that is the image that I put in my head because that is not how I want to end up.

You know what they say, “there are no fat old men”.

So even though I found it hard to find a comfortable place on the handle bars to get a grip with my left hand without feeling pain, I was back on my bike on Sunday keeping my commitment to do my 10 kilometer power cycle ride three times a week.

Given that this is the time of year when it is so easy to slip into no exercise, I am going to post my exercise times in my Blog to keep myself honest;

Exercise Log

December Week 1

1. Sunday, December 2nd
2. Monday, December 3rd
3. Wednesday, December 5th
4. Friday, December 7th

December Week 2

1. Sunday, December 9th