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No Vision & No 90 Day Goals – A Nightmare

“Seeking pure awareness without engaging lovingly with our life is a day dream. Living in this relative world without vision is a nightmare” – Japanese Proverb

As you approach the final quarter of 2007, reflect on your business and personal life for the many blessings that you have, reflecting on your 1, 3, 5 year vision set 90 day goals for all areas of your business and personal life. This is exactly what I am going to do on Monday.

Laura and I had an excellent weekend in Victoria, BC, a truly wonderful time staying with Helen, Laura’s Mom. There is something to be said about going home to Mom’s where one can enjoy family and relax at the same time.

Laura and I went to dinner on Friday night at the world famous Paglaicci’s as Helen was away visiting friends until Saturday.

Then we to see Stardust which is one of the best fantasy/sc-fi movies that I have ever seen … the classic good versus evil.

Saturday was spent visiting with Helen, reading and dinner at The Blue Oyster that overlooks Victoria’s Busy Inner Harbor.

Sunday included a 110 minute cycle to Victoria and back, more visiting, relaxing, reading and even an afternoon nap.

That’s the unshaven me standing with Victoria’s Inner Harbor in the background with the BC Provincial Parliament Buildings in the distance. To the right of the Parliament Buildings is a hotel where I did my first financial advisor gig about 20 months and the best part of 100 gigs ago.

Victoria’s Inner Harbor

A pristine, low mileage 1994 BMW 840ci caught my eye outside of Starbucks … a car like this new was over a $100,000 and today it can be had for 1/5th of the cost. Not now. Next summer as a reward for completing the book.