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Following through on The Year of “Being” Awake –

Remember to Honor the results that you are creating on a weekly basis, daily if you can find the time.

Honoring your results focuses you on the results that you are creating from within. You can do this by recording the feelings that you are experiencing through the results that you are creating. This also creates more focus from within versus the material results that your results may be related to.

In this way you are not just trying to be good, you are focusing on the goodness that is within you and allowing that goodness to emerge.

In essence, you are becoming enlightened because you are recognizing your results from within. Without recognition, your results remain unawakened if you will.

In essence, you look at what you have from within versus looking at what you are without.

As you continue to focus on the reality of what you have within, the more your inner strength begins to emerge to the surface.

This entire process will help to you accelerate your awareness because it will help to eliminate the compulsive addiction to thoughts and get you to place of inspiration where there is no-person, no-place, no-possession, no-thing or no-thought.

Through this you will find the joy of “Being”.