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No Thought, To One Thought .. Leads To Professional Speaking

Laura and I spent Monday evening seeing the sights and walking around The Mirage Hotel and adjoining shopping malls.

I fell asleep with intention of paying attention to adding value to the audience of tomorrow’s gigs.

When I woke up I practiced what some call meditation for an hour – said another way, practicing “no thought”, mindlessness or emptying the mind with all of it’s concerns and preoccupations – this leads to “one thought” and that is “to be 101% present with the audience, adding value and delivering a message that they I believe they need to hear”.

Thank you for letting me affirm this once again in advance of speaking at 12 noon.

My intention is to have 40% of the audience ( 100 ) sign up for my 12 day E-Course, to have 3 – 5 people step forward and ask me to speak at their next association or company meeting and to have 15 of the participants ask to become our clients.