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No-Thing, No-Thought & NO Non-Sense

Its 4:45pm Calgary time on Tuesday, January 17th and I’m flying back to Vancouver following my 2pm speaking presentation for Pro-Seminars.

The presentation went extremely well and delivered my intended results of energy and inspiration along with the title – Reignite Your Passion For 2006, Create More Business From Existing Customers and Increase Qualified Referrals by 500%.

The reason that I say that is because of the number of attendees that came up to me at the end of the presentation to thank me and some of them gave me their cards and asked me to call then to set up an appointment.

On the last leg of my flight to Calgary and after taking a final look at my presentation notes, I cleared my mind.

I practiced No-Thought, No-Thing, No-Sense – disconnecting from my ever brilliant mind that always has just one more thought. At the same time disconnecting for the Non-Sense of my fear based ego mind that would be centered on doing a presentation to group of strangers. Wasting valuable time and energy on fear based thoughts would make No-Sense and it would be Non-Sense.

Thinking is not the answer when doing – and I should say getting into the “being” of what this presentation is all about.

It is about the “Being” then doing.

The one message, regardless of all the words was to provide energy and inspiration. Especially after the audience had been sitting through two days of technical product presentations.

A very worthwhile experience.