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No Man Is An Island – Part 2

I sent out the Power Point to Maria Carrick of Financial Management (BC) Inc. for approval and installation on their laptop for today’s presentation. It is always great to receive a reply like this one.

Love it! Great job. It is on our computer and I have prepared handouts. See you tomorrow, Maria

To continue with the intro to the presentation –

But the Financial Advisor hesitates to form a Strategic Alliance and work with another Advisor and Create a Split Case to meet their Clients Needs because –

1.) You don’t know how to form a Strategic Alliance

2.) You don’t know how to introduce your Client to the concept of working through you with another Advisor in a Strategic Alliance

3.) You are afraid that –

The Advisor that you Refer to will:

?؂Äö¬ß Steal your client
?؂Äö¬ß Make a mistake and it will look bad on you
?؂Äö¬ß Not pay you

You will:

?؂Äö¬ß Become more overwhelmed as you are already overwhelmed with the products and services that you are offering now
?؂Äö¬ß Appear to not know what you are doing by bringing another Advisor in
?؂Äö¬ß Lose the relationship that you have with your client
?؂Äö¬ß Lose control of the client and your livelihood

It is not about You!

?؂Äö¬ß It is about what your Clients Needs are
?؂Äö¬ß Could it be that you are unconsciously putting your needs in front of your Clients Needs?