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No Jump Start Required?


I’m at the Saskatoon, SK airport on Tuesday afternoon awaiting my 4:00pm CST flight to Edmonton, AB for my Pro-Seminars Financial Advisor Public Speaking Presentation at 8am MDT on Wednesday, March 21, 2007.

I am wondering if Financial Advisors are at a place in their business at this time of year where they do not feel like they need a jump start to their business.

The reason that I say this is while the response to my Removing Your Roadblocks To Your Success Presentation and E-Newsletter have been excellent, the number of prospects wishing to become clients that have come forward from my March 2007 Presentations in Kitchener, ON, Toronto, ON and Saskatoon, SK have not been the same as compared to September – January.

This stands to reason as September brings a time in the business life of a Financial Advisor where they want to jump start their business after the summer and this would also hold true for January as they want to jump start their business for the New Year.

Could it be that with the completion of RRSP Season which also provides Financial Advisors with the opportunity to follow up on both insurance and money products that Financial Advisors are just too busy to consider hiring a coach to look a strengthening their business?

This would mean that April, May & June will be busier months for us as these are the last three months before the summer when Financial Advisor create a self imposed belief that “no one wants to talk about insurance and money in the summer months”. Please note that I am observing this belief and it does not mean I have to believe it.

I just compared our speaking and sales results to last year.

We did the same amount of Financial Advisor Public Speaking Presentations in January & February as compared to last year and our overall sales are up by 300% over last year.

Guess what? We did not create any sales in March of 2006. Go figure.

So why bother speaking?

Clients will buy from us when they know us, get value, trust us, like us and when they are ready.

You keep on marketing when the well is full, not when it runs dry.

Again, the main outcome of the speaking is to introduce ourselves and invite prospective clients to subscribe to our free E-Newsletter.

Over forty five percent of the attendees subscribed to the Free E-Newsletter.