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Next Week Is An Off Week From Clients

I’m taking a very selfish off week from clients next week. I say selfish because we normally work the first three weeks of the month and take the fourth week off. May is a five week month so rather than working the first three weeks of the month and leaving two weeks off at the end, this is what we are doing;

On May 1 – 5
Off May 8 – 12
On May 15 – 19
On May 22 – 26
Off May 29 – June 2

I said this was selfish but not so much. Coaching works best with consistency. This way we eliminate a two week gap which does not serve my clients.

Not to kid anyone, next week is far from a week off.

I have a 10am Presentation for Pro-Seminars in Victoria on Monday.
I have a 10 am Presentation for Pro-Seminars in Vancouver on Wednesday.

Click Here for Pro-Seminars.

Wednesday’s Pro-Seminars Presentation will be brand new entitled “What Is Your Story?” The presentation will feature Duncan Robinson sharing his life expereince with the death of his son Michael and the impact that Michael’s legacy is making on the lives of others through Duncan’s work with Freedom 55 Financial and his philanthropic work.

So that takes care of Monday & Wednesday.

Monday afternoon will provide the time for re-writing the PowerPoint for Wednesday’s Pro-Seminar Presentation with Duncan.

Wednesday afternoon, Thursday & Friday are set aside for a review and development work on;

– Our Vision / Our Intention
– Quarterly Goals
– Financial Month End & Quarterly Review

– Workshop Development For A Client Project

– Marketing Plan
– Prospect Focus

– E-Newsletter Publishing
– 12 Day E-Course Publishing
– Pro-Seminars Sponsored Workshop
– Public Speaking Folio Completion
– CE Credit Application

– Web Site Upgrade