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New Time Management Plan


The events in London and Glasgow over the weekend sadden me and demonstrate that yet again, the British people have the heart of a lion as they have endured a lot of the years.

This is the first working week of the New Time Management Plan that that we created when we were on the Business Retreat that we did in England in the first part of June.

Staying true to form, yesterday, Monday July 2nd, was a Free Day, today, Tuesday July 3rd is a Focus Day meaning Client Day and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are Buffer Days which means they are Product Development Days.

The focus and the priority of our forthcoming Product Development Days are as follows:

1. Refine Our Brand
2. Write Our Book
3. Write Our Workbook
4. Refocus Our Website
5. Create Quarterly Workshops
6. Hire A Sales & Marketing Person To Sell Our Speaking, Coaching and Products

I’m just writing this Blog and then I’m reviewing the client files in preparation for the day. As I write this, I am noticing that I a little slow off the mark as I’ve been off for a three day weekend filled with the last of my heavy duty home renovations (that I will do – “on with the outsourcing”), cycling, running the dog and enjoying time with Laura.