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New Product – 7 Actions To Take Now To Meet And Exceed Your Goals For 2007

Are You Be Rocketing Yourself to Success or Just Limping Across the Finish Line?

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7 Actions To Take Now To Meet And Exceed Your Goals For 2007 – Head Towards The Finish Line Knowing That You Are Going To Win!

Hi, I’m Simon Reilly:

If this isn’t the year you had quite hoped for, then this letter is addressed to you.

I’ve been helping Financial Advisors reach their dreams and goals for more than a decade.

Just like you, I’ve struggled with my own business. In 1994 I actually lost my business. This came as a major surprise to my clients, my team, my friends and my family. Why was it a surprise? It was because “Simon Reilly” appeared to have taken every personal and professional development course known to man.

As the owner of a highly regarded personal development franchise, I was a popular and regular speaker on the subjects of professional and personal development.

I thought I knew all about time, finance, sales, marketing and leadership, but I lost it all.

Why? I was missing what I consider to be the key to a successful business – a strong vision for where I wanted my business to go. My business and I needed a re-alignment.

I started the year with great intentions enthusiasm, my commitment for a new beginning. And like most people, by February, I was headed for another frustrating year.

One of the biggest reasons that people fail to realize success is that they fail to plan for it. They limp along year after year hoping that luck and hard work will get them through.

Just as your car runs more smoothly and requires less energy to go faster and farther when the wheels are in perfect alignment, you perform better when you are in balance with a vision, goals and systems supported by positive behaviors, beliefs, feelings and values.

So what will you do this year to make a difference in your business and career? Are you going to repeat last year’s race or rocket across the finish line?

Living in the Future

Studies on the highest achieving men and women demonstrate that people with clear, specific goals immediately, and by default, become goal oriented individuals.

Because goals occur in the future, you also become a future oriented person. In turn, by setting goals for yourself, you become a naturally successful person. Just by setting goals? Its just the way your brain works – give it a vision and your brain will try to make it a reality.

What’s the Payoff?

Just a few of the results my clients have experienced while working with me:

– Exceeded the sales campaign goal by 25% (the goal was the highest ever!)
– Made number 2 in the office
– Made number 3 in the office
– On track to be the first one in the region to break 1 million in sales volume
– Opened a one million dollar commission case
– Sold $3.5 million in sales
– Year end completed with sales 45% over forecast
– In the top 25 out of 2700 Advisors

What Would You Like to Achieve?

How does it sound to you to be earning 25 – 50% more a year, working 40 weeks a year, 4 days a week? Inviting? This is not a dream – it is achievable. It won’t happen overnight, but – with some planning and hard work – it can be a reality in 3 years time.

The 3-year question: “If we were meeting here in 3 years time, and looking back over the previous 36 months, what would have to have happened to you both personally and
professionally for you to be satisfied with your progress?”

That’s the secret to attainable goals. A vision that provides the solid ground for your goals, your plans, your future. I can show you how to get your 3 year vision and build your success foundation.

What You’ll Complete in This Program

1. Your 3 Year Vision
2. Identify Important Values
3. The Roles You Occupy
4. Your 90 Day Goals
5. An Important Measurement System
6. Real Time Management Methods
7. Planning The Time To Plan

This isn’t a piece of software, its a comprehensive program that includes a workbook and the PowerPoint from my Live Presentation. It takes you step by step through the process of setting your vision, your values and your goals that will finally help you achieve the goals you want for you, your business and your life. Immediate download is available after your purchase.

Only $37.77!

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