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New Marketing E-Mail For Financial Advisor Public Speaking Presentations

Given that we upgraded our Web Site at the end of August, 2006, it was time to update our Marketing E-Mail For Financial Advisor Public Speaking Presentations.

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Dear ______,

Do you find that speakers fail to address the main issues that are going on in your industry and that they spend too much time selling their products and services?

I’m writing to introduce Simon Reilly of Leading Advisor, as a Speaker for your next conference or educational event for your Advocis Chapter.

Simon has been speaking at Advocis Education Days, for Pro-Seminars and to MGA Firms.

Doug Knight – “Simon’s speaking presentation, “Removing The Mental Roadblocks To High Productivity”, causes you to critically reflect on yourself and your practice to determine if you are really achieving what you want out of your business. It forces the question, “Are you honestly look at building a business with a vision or just making a living”

Doug Knight, President, Advocis North Okanagan Chapter,
President, Knight Financial, Kelowna, BC
250 763-3550 ext. 207

This e-mail offer is to;

– Provide Speaking References
– Guide you to key pages on the Leading Advisor Web Site via links
– Provide Attendee’s Testimonials

Titles include;

– Removing Your Mental Road Blocks To Your Success
– 31 Smart Strategies That Make A Winning Advisor – Start “Being” an Advisor versus “Doing” Sales

I will call you to follow up this e-mail and answer any questions you may have.

Best regards,
Laura Reilly

Speaking References

The reader is welcome to call the following references and principals who have seen Simon’s presentations that include, “Removing Your Mental Road Blocks To Your Success”, “Get Your Practice In Gear”, and “31 Smart Strategies That Make A Winning Advisor”, some of whom have invited Simon to come in and speak at additional events;

Graham Calder – “Removing Your Mental Road Blocks To Your Success”, provides a very interesting viewpoint providing advisors with a way to reevaluate and re-inspire themselves for their business. Simons’ presentations skills are excellent, and he provides a way for advisors to open their minds to a new way of thinking about their business.”

Graham Calder, President, Advocis Nanaimo, BC,
Regional Manager, Freedom 55 Financial, Nanaimo, BC
250-753-9955 ext. 522
graham.calder @ freedom55financial.com

Alex Nicholson – “Simon is clearly one of our most passionate and inspiring speakers. We are pleased to be able to provide our audiences with Simon’s unique and scientific approach that shows financial advisors how to lay the foundation for a practice based on advising vs. selling, wealth management and referrals. By the end of 2006, Simon will have completed over 25 speaking presentations for Pro-Seminars right across Canada to hundreds and hundreds of financial advisors to nothing short of rave reviews.”

Alex Nicholson, Vice President, Pro-Seminars
905 574-2203
alex @ pro-seminars.com

Nicole (Nicky) Sung – “Your passion and enthusiasm just shines through. I particularly like the way you present “Being” an Advisor versus “Doing” Sales. You speak enthusiastically and passionately about what you believe in. This translates to the audience and they get inspired by the energy of your presence along with the valuable insights that you have to offer.”

Nicole (Nicky) Sung, Treasurer, Advocis Vancouver, BC,
President, Financial Management (BC) Inc, Vancouver, BC
604-605-1644 ext. 24
nsung @ fmbrokerage.com

Key Pages Of The Leading Advisor Web Site;

Main Page

Speaking Main Page

Speaking “One Sheet”

Speaking Topic – Removing Your Mental Roadblocks To Your Success

Speaking Topic – 31 Smart Strategies That Make A Winning Advisor – Start “Being” an Advisor versus “Doing” Sales

Speaking Topic – 5 Powerful Steps Of Top Producers Revealed – Get Your Practice In Gear

Streaming Video


Start “Being” an Advisor versus “Doing” Sales

Are You Addicted To Selling?

Are You Emotionally Retired & What To Do About It

Client Testimonials