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New Leading Advisor Web Site

I am beyond words and feelings to say that we have finally completed our Web Site Upgrade !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This Web Site started taking shape in the late 90’s, the first version was published in December of 2004 and I finally feel like we have got it right with this new version.

Many thanks to Laura Reilly for your love, support & proof reading, to Kim Black for going the extra mile to re-build the site, to Chris Barrow for your brilliant coaching, to Ken Farrish & Pat Finucane for your friendship & feedback and to Kathryn Langsford for your brilliant photography work.

As you will see we have a New Banner and Brand – “Removing Your Roadblocks To Your Success”.

The navigation of the Web Site has been improved by adding “Drop Down Menus” under Coaching, Speaking, About and Free. Every page on this deep site has been edited and upgraded. Some of the newest features include;

Coaching Section
Photo Gallery
Speaking Testimonials
Free Articles

Now we have to go out and tell 10,000 Financial Advisors!

Simon Reilly
The Financial Advisor Coach